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Home Extension Cheadle

Are you in need of the right services for home extension Cheadle? Are you planning to extend your home and transform the space magically? If yes, then Manchester Constructions is your one stop shop, for all such services. We have been working for years to bring the best and professional home extension in Cheadle.

We are a team of experienced, qualified and skilful architects and designers, who help you remodel and extend your home in a very professional manner. Our aim is to not only make your space aesthetically pleasing but also make it functional and add value to it as well. No matter how small or big your extension project is; we are here to help you, promising you impeccable outcomes. We operate across Cheadle, managing all types of extension and remodeling projects for our clients.

High Quality Extensions in Cheadle

Home extensions are gaining a lot of attention lately. More and more people are adding more space to their homes, making it bigger and more functional for them. With the pandemic on rise, addition of space in home is nothing less than a relief as we all are stuck at homes. So why not make the best out of it?

Whether you are wanting to add more space or you just want to make your property look more pleasing and you are tired of how it looks; you can rely on Manchester Constructions for the best home extension in Cheadle.

Home extensions cheadle are not an easy task and they can take a lot of time, if not sheculed and managed well. It can take various forms and can get complicated too. Thus, we hire architects and constructors who know how to extend a space professionally. Whether you are looking for a porch Extensions Cheadle or maybe you want to add space in your backyard or you want to build another storey on your home; we are here to help you out. You name it; we do it for you.

Home Extension Ideas

There is a lot that can be done when it comes to home extension Cheadle. Extending your house can be very thrilling and with our team on board; you have a pool of ideas that can be utilised to make the most out of the project. We offer a wide range of home extension ideas and services to our clients. We can manage the following for you:

  • Porch extensions:

Porch is a very small space, in front of the house. However, it can be a larger one too, if extended professionally and we offer just that! We also manage porch Extensions in Cheadle permits on our clients behalf, to make sure that they don't have to stress about anything.

  • Orangeries or Sunrooms:

Sunrooms are a very stylish and contemporary addition to one’s home and they add a lot of warmth to the house as well. Our team of experts plan and build beautiful sunrooms and orangeries for our clients.

  • Conservatories:

Conservatories are very simple structures but sometimes require permits. We can manage the permits on our clients behalf and also build a conservatory that is beautiful and functional.

  • Single storey extensions:

Single storey Extensions Cheadle require a lot of planning and our team of experts are capable of managing the step to step process of it. Considering all the whereabouts, we build a storey that is breathtaking.

  • Double storey extensions:

A multi or double storey extension is just like a single storey extension but requires more time as the planning is vast too. Multi storey extension cannot be carried out without a permit. Our team not only gets the permit but also plans a layout that makes your property stand out.

  • Over structure extensions:

Over structure extensions are done over an already existing structure (mostly over a garage). This is a very complicated process but with our team of pros, we are able to manage it very well.

Professional Team

We build and extend your homes with love, offering you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to extending your home. Our main focus remains high quality and satisfactory outcomes. From using premium quality material to ending the project with amazing finishes; our team’s main aim is the client’s satisfaction.